More Fans = Better Competitions

Yellowtom Northern Ireland is currently making a push for Fans on our Facebook Page, this is because we want to offer people the best coupons and vouchers in their area as possible, and having a larger fan base we  can convince more businesses to give discounts.  On top of this we are intending to be running competitions.

At the weekend my Boss sent me an e-mail, discussing many things, including the competitions, I’ve blurred out the majority of the E-mail as it is private and confidential, however I have left in the most important part, the discussion of the prizes.

An E-mail showing plans by the Boss for giveaways

Highlighted in this e-mail from the Boss is the discussion of the competitions that has been discussed on the Facebook Page. It mentions the words “Meals”, “Holiday” and “Car”

We are reaching out across the whole of Northern Ireland, Yellowtom NI consists of 27 Towns & Cities and as many offers and vouchers as businesses are willing to offer, unlike certain other Voucher sites which focus on our Capital City and only offer one per day.

You don’t even have to pay for the service when you get the voucher, you can simply save it for later, as long as you use it before it expires.

So if you feel like being in with the chance of winning some prizes Like our Page and attend our Facebook Event – Get Yellowtom Northern Ireland to 5,000 Fans


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